If you're reading this,
it's too late

Yes, that was a Drake reference. You probably thought that Levitate was a real music festival. I’m sorry to say that it’s not, but i’m glad I got your attention. In fact this is my application for the job of Assistant Promoter at Ancienne Belgique.
My name is Max and i’m not your average music lover. Let me break it down for you: I’ve almost crossed AB’s doorstep as much as my own. According to Spotify’s algorithm my musical taste is almost as diverse as Brussels itself, consisting of Hip Hop, Indie R&B and -tronica, Alternative Dance and Electronic. Furthermore my gut feeling about musical discoveries is more on point than Phife Dawg in ‘Check The Rhime’. And yes, that was a Tribe Called Quest reference.

speak soon,
Max Gadeyne

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